Very Tall Friend
Very Tall Friend LKJ FLOOD 10
Very Tall Friend, as seen in 3D model form, from Little King John: THE FLOOD Part 10.
Background Information
Series Ratboy's Kingdom, Starship Genius, Little King John: THE FLOOD
First Appearance Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 2
Last Appearance Little King John: THE FLOOD Part 10
Character Information
Alias n/a
Occupation liason for Ratboy Genius
Alignment Good
Goals Stopping the Big Fish Boss, protecting all the galaxies and dimensions
Likes Dancing, singing
Dislikes Destruction
Friends Ratboy Genius, Summer Solstice Baby, Mister Bigarms, Old Froggy
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate TBA
Quote "Ratboy Genius, where should we have a dance party?"
"The destiny of your world is intertwined with the destiny of other worlds and other dimensions."

Very Tall Friend is a supporting character in the Ratboy's Kingdom, Starship Genius, and Little King John: THE FLOOD series.