The Hoo Hoos are magical singing aliens. They are called Hoo Hoos because of their ability to communicate in nothing but hooing noises. They can also teleport to multiple dimensions and levitate. Of the entire species, three are most famously known.

Hoo Hoos
Hoo Hoos 3, 5, and 6
Background Information
Series Waiting For To Go, Galactic Superheroes, Starship Genius
First Appearance Waiting For To Go
Last Appearance Starship Genius, Episode 11
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation None
Alignment Good
Goals Prevent the Final Charge from taking place
Likes Singing, stowing onto Old Fingerhead's ship
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate Alive
Quote "Hoo hoo hoo. That's what we do."

Old Fingerhead hates the Hoo Hoos because they sneak onto his ship and hide away for days. But the Hoo Hoos are benevolent. When they are on his ship, they clean it, repair it, and take good care of it. The Hoo Hoos believe that Old Fingerhead should thank them. Old Fingerhead never thanks them because he considers them an infestation. He often chases the Hoo Hoos away.

In The Flood series, Little King John meets the Hoo Hoos. The Hoo Hoos tell him that he cannot have the ancient artifact. Not understanding them, John goes to make his own land anyways.

When someone does not like the Hoo Hoos, they are said to “have no Hoo”.

In Starship Genius 11, they once again hid away on Old Fingerhead’s ship. They sing that they know how to redirect the Final Charge.