Sue GS
Background Information
Series Happyman on the Red Planet and GEORGE, Galactic Superheroes, Starship Genius
First Appearance Happyman on the Red Planet and GEORGE, Scene 11
Last Appearance Starship Genius, Episode 11
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation Galactic Superhero
Alignment Good/Misguided
Goals Rescue The Hoo Hoos from Old Fingerhead (formerly), save Mr. Fisheater from the Fish Legions (formerly), prevent the Final Charge from taking place
Likes Bob, singing
Dislikes Unknown
Friends Fred, George, Buck Dodger, Bob (formerly)
Enemies Old Fingerhead (formerly), Big Fish Boss
Fate Alive
Quote Unknown

Sue is a member of the Galactic Superheroes and sister of the other two members, Fred and George. She possesses various psychic powers, including (but not limited to) mild hypnosis, telekinesis, and telepathy. For telekinesis to take full effect, Sue's head must be detached from her body, which she can do at will.

 Biography Edit

Galactic Superhero Missions Edit

An early mission of the Galactic Superheroes was their encounter with Old Fingerhead, who was chasing The Hoo Hoos away with a sonic blaster. Once George properly tackled him over, Sue used her powers to hynotize Fingerhead so Fred could physically capture him. Before they could properly make a deal with Old Fingerhead, he escaped their prison, hopped back onto his ship, and flew away.

Another mission subsequently followed in which the Galactic Superheroes had to rescue Mr. Fisheater from Big Fish Boss and his Fish Legions before it was too late. When they arrived, Fisheater had already been torn to ribbons. Sue used her telekinesis to piece him together and somehow revive him. However, they were now aware of a new threat to their galaxy.

Happyman on the Red Planet* Edit

In the Happyman Opera's story, George accidentally lost the controls of the Galactic Superheroes' spacecraft, and it crash-landed onto the Red Planet, where George lost both his arms and his memory. Fred blamed George for the accident, and after a month of arguing, the three superheroes disbanded and split up into their realms. Sue fled to a cave at the bottom of George Mountain, and discovered an underground world, accordingly named the Underworld. At the entrance was a stream that led to a tiny, plant-covered underground island. Sue built a makeshift sailboat and traveled across. When she arrived at the island, she spent the following months (over twelve) making a garden of local plants and eating them to survive. It is implied that Fred periodically visited for such food, and Sue always left the sailboat at the entrance so Fred could come and go as he pleased.

When Bob escaped George mountain and discovered the grotto, he took the sailboat to the Underworld to furthermore escape George's clutches. He met Sue on the island, and, after introducing themselves. performed an elaborate ballet. Sue, not wanting to be lonely all the time, hypnotized, Bob, who instantly fell in love with her. Bob eventually remembered about his friends, however, and reluctantly sailed away. Since the series was never finished, what happened next remains unknown.

Sue (Stranded)

Sue, stranded on the Red Planet.

Starship Genius* Edit

All three Galactic Superheroes met up with the Starship Genius crew on a remote location known as the Meeting Place. The Galactic Superheroes arrived early, and Sue took the ship to spy on the Fish Legion in the meantime, where she found them annihilating another planet. Sue returned to the meeting place and reported back to the Galactic Superheroes, who were still quite early to the meeting. Eventually, the Starship Genius crew (minus Clyde) arrived, along with the Caterpillar Minister, so all seven of them could plan their next move against Big Fish Boss and his Fish Legions, who were trying to make the Galaxy a fish-only place.

Later on, the Galactic Superheroes prepared for the Final Conflict against the Fish Legion army, although the Final Conflict itself has yet to be released.

*It is uncertain whether Starship Genius takes place before or after Happyman on the Red Planet, as Galactic Superheroes was a prequel to both.