Ryan Dorin is an American composer, musician, sound designer, music producer, artist, CG animator, and actor born in Santa Monica, L.A. County, California. Aside from creating the Ratboy Genius series, Dorin has also played a twelve-fingered pianist in Gattaca (1997).[1]

Ryan Paul Dorin

Ryan Dorin, as seen on the AztecEconomy Website.

Starting in 2009, he has made several music tracks and sound effects for the play production association known as Aztec Economy, as well as a few standalone plays for other sources.[2]

His musical "rock" opera (according to AE), Happyman on the Red Planet and George, was created on April 1st, 2009, and became released as an episodic series on his Ratboy Genius channel. Despite the opera being put on hiatus since Scene 17, the New York free-form radio station WFMU played the entire opera in 2011, unbeknownst to Ryan, although he received it well afterwards.[3]

Ryan Dorin, Self Portrait

Ryan's self portrait.

Ryan Dorin

Ryan Dorin playing a twelve-fingered pianist, as seen in Gattaca.