Ratboy Genius
Background Information
Series Ratboy's Kingdom, Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft, and Starship Genius.
First Appearance Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 1
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias The Ratboy Genius
Occupation King of Ratboy's Kingdom, captain on the Starship Genius
Alignment Good
Goals To have fun with his friends, to make Summer Solstice Happy, to improve his kingdom, to defeat Big Fish Boss
Likes His friends, music, being with Summer Solstice Baby, rollercoasters, adventure, history, Abraham Lincoln, space, partying
Dislikes Getting lost, Summer Solstice Baby being hurt, John Wilkes Booth
Friends Summer Solstice Baby, Happyman, Green Monster, Praire Dogs, Mr. Big Arms, Mrs. Big Feet, Very Tall Friend, Leaping Friend, Yoga Friend, Bat Friend, Big Cousin Fred, Clyde, The Professor, Fred, George, Sue, Hoo Hoos, Caterpillar Minister
Enemies Little King John, Big Fish Boss, Fish Legions
Fate TBA
Quote "Yay for me, the Ratboy Genius!"

"knock knock ! *who's there ?* It's me : Ratboy Genius !"

Ratboy Genius is the the titular protagonist of Ratboy Genius, which revolves around his adventures in his kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Ratboy Genius is a yellow ratlike creature with a humanoid appearance. He has light blue, unblinking eyes. He has two large ears, big pink lips, and a large nose. Usually, he wears a red t-shirt, a gray belt and blue shorts along with white shoes. In Starship Genius however, his shirt is white and he also sports a white hat. Unlike a rat, he has no tail.

Personality Edit

Ratboy Genius is friendly, intelligent, loyal, fun-loving, brave, and determined. He can be a bit conceited, often congratulating himself for his splendors. As a ruler, he hopes his kingdom's inhabitants live happily and enjoy their lives. He is hardworking, always upgrading and improving his kingdom.

Role Edit

Ratboy's Kingdom Edit

Ratboy Genius first appears in Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 1. Throughout the series he is seen having adventures with his friends and building parts of his kingdom.

Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft Edit

Ratboy Genius wakes in a strange blocky land, finding out he is in Minecraft, in a land ruled by Little King John, who has kidnapped the Summer Solstice Baby. He sets out to find her, eventually meeting her at stronghold playground with The Professor. Upon learning he has been dreaming the whole event, he flies out of the dimension with The Baby and returns to his Kingdom.

The Flood Edit

Ratboy Genius has two appearences in The Flood. He appears playing piano in his starship at the end of Episode 3, where we first see his stretchy powers. He is later seen in Episode 10, where he talks to Little King John via a screen and persuades him into helping fight the Big Fish Boss in the Final Charge.

Starship Genius Edit

Ratboy Genius launches into space in his new starship with his friends to adventure. He is called by Fred to meet Caterpillar Minister. The Professor explains to the crew about the Big Fish Boss, and the threat he poses to the galaxy with his fish leigons.

Meeting the Caterpillar Minister, Ratboy Genius describes his plan to convert the electricity that the fish generate via the Cosmic Thunderbolt into a new dimension, using his ship as a conduit. To do this he sends Mister Bigarms and Very Tall Friend as liasons to meet Little King John to act on the other side of the conversion.

He also sends Green Monster and Happy man to recruit Young Mouthbottom for his fishing nets and the Baby to recruit Fisheater and his friends to eat the fish around the ship so that they don't get surrounded.

He returns to his Kingdom to find the Green Flipper Friend, who tells him that he has had the magic to turn into a space fish this whole time.

Ratboy Genius uses this power to infiltrate the space fish's rally and listen to The Big Fish Boss's speech, where he meets the Baby in her fish form, and learns she has the magic too.

While preparing for the Final Charge, the fish board the ship and attack the Baby. Enraged, Ratboy Genius uses his strechy powers to viciously fend the fish away in an uncharacteristic fit of rage.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ratboy Genius has the magic to turn into a space fish.

He also has the magic of stretching, like Little King John, but very rarely uses it.