Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 3

Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 3

Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 3
is the third episode of Ratboy Genius. It was uploaded to YouTube on 9th August 2007. It is preceded by Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 2 and followed by Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 4.


The episode starts with the narrator saying:

"It was a beautiful day in Ratboy's Kingdom, and the Ratboy Genius was riding his seesaw machine with his big cousin Fred.

Ratboy Genius says "Hey, cousin Fred, I know you are not a genius like me, but I want to talk to you about something."

Fred says "Okay, Ratboy, ask me anything". Ratboy Genius tells Fred that he thinks he has a girlfriend. Fred asks who it is. Ratboy Genius tells Fred that it is Summer Solstice Baby. Fred suggests that Ratboy Genius should ask Summer Solstice Baby to play with him. Ratboy Genius accepts Fred's advice and goes to visit Summer Solstice Baby. He finds Summer Solstice Baby with her friends playing with the geese by the lake. Ratboy Genius greets Summer Solstice Baby and she asks him how he is. Ratboy Genius tells her that he just came over to say hi, and asks her if she wants to go for a ride in his Little Red Buggy. Summer Solstice Baby agrees and rides with Ratboy Genius in the Little Red Buggy. Summer Solstice Baby asks Ratboy Genius if they can ride faster, and Ratboy Genius agrees. They speed through the streets, and Summer Solstice Baby suggest that they pick up some friends and have a party. Ratboy Genius agrees and picks up the Leaping FriendVery Tall FriendYoga Friend and Bat Friend. Very Tall Friend asks where they will have the party. Ratboy Genius decided to party with the prairie dogs. When they arrive, Ratboy Genius tells the prairie dogs that he has brought some friends for a dance party, and says "let us dance and have fun". Ratboy Genius, Summer Solstice Baby, their friends and the prairie dogs dance at the party.