Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 1

Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 1

Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 1
 is the first episode of Ratboy's Kingdom. It was uploaded to YouTube on 23rd July 2007. It is followed by Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 2.


The episode starts with the narrator saying:

"Ratboy Genius is the story about the Ratboy Genius. The Ratboy Genius lived in a magical land called Ratboy's Kingdom. The kingdom was very big and was filled with magical things. Every day, the Ratboy Genius would roam through his kingdom and visit his friends. When Ratboy Genius came to a clearing, he saw the Leaping Friend . The Leaping Friend leaped towards the Ratboy Genius and stopped. 

Ratboy Genius says "Knock Knock" and the Leaping Friend asks "Who's there?".

Ratboy Genius responds "It's me, Ratboy Genius.

The Leaping Friend asks Ratboy Genius how he is, and the Ratboy Genius tells him that he just came over to say hi, and leaves. The Ratboy Genius then decides to go for a ride in his Little Red Buggy. The Ratboy Genius then rides in the buggy while shouting "Weeeeeeee! I'm Ratboy Genius. Weeeeeeee!". Ratboy Genius then rides through the Magical Tunnel, and comes to the lake. The Ratboy Genius goes near the water and remarks upon how nice the water looks, and decides to put on his goggles and go for a swim. The Ratboy Genius swims through the water, and looks at how happy and colourful the fish are. Another swimmer greets Ratboy Genius and asks him if he likes his green flippers. Ratboy Genius then says he would like to be like a fish. The other swimmer tells Ratboy Genius that he will turn him into a fish, and the Ratboy Genius transforms into a large, yellow fish. Ratboy Genius swims around for a while, and then flies out of the lake and lands on the grass, and flops around on the grass, shouting "I'm a fish! I'm a fish! I'm not the Fishboy Genius. I'm the Ratboy Genius!". The friend with the green flippers turns Ratboy Genius back to normal. Ratboy Genius thanks him and leaves.