Old Froggy
Old Froggy RBG Dreams Interlude 2
Old Froggy, as seen in "RBG Dreams Minecraft Interlude 2: THE BABY'S ESCAPE."
Background Information
Series Ratboy's Kingdom, Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft, Starship Genius, Little King John: THE FLOOD
First Appearance Ratboy's Kingdom 13: "The Lake 'Nius Monster ?"
Last Appearance Little King John: THE FLOOD Part 9
Character Information
Alias n/a
Occupation Transportation
Alignment Neutral/Good
Goals To rescue his friends when they are in danger, other transportation
Likes Lake Genius, swimming
Dislikes unknown
Friends Ratboy Genius, Summer Solstice Baby, Happyman, Green Monster, Little King John, Sneezy, Mister Bigarms, Very Tall Friend
Enemies presumably the Big Fish Boss
Fate TBA
Quote "What brings you to my underwater lair today?" "Ribbit Baby ribbit! On that you can depend!"


Old Froggy is a supporting character, first appearing in the Ratboy's Kingdom series, as Ratboy Genius and Summer Solstice Baby search for the Lake 'Nius Monster, and later rescuing the Summer Solstice Baby from Little King John's castle in the Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft series. Later, in the Little King John: THE FLOOD series, he first appears to bring Little King John through the waters to his yacht in order to escape the Great Deluge, then reappears, in both the Starship Genius and FLOOD series, to bring Mister Bigarms and Very Tall Friend, old friends of his, on their mission from Ratboy to see Little King John, and deliver the news to him of the Deluge's true nature. He is a frog even though he has a tail.