Old Fingerhead is a sarcastic fish catcher who prefers to be by himself. Because he never uses the spacious bottom part of his ship, other creatures (specifically Hoo Hoos) tend to stow aboard.

Old Fingerhead
Old Fingerhead
Background Information
Series Galactic Superheroes, Starship Genius
First Appearance Galactic Superheroes, Episode 1
Last Appearance Starship Genius, Episode 11
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation Fish Catcher, Third Party Protagonist
Alignment Good/Misguided/Bad (formerly)
Goals Catch any fish surrounding the Starship so it can absorb the Final Charge.
Likes Peace and quiet
Dislikes Hoo Hoos, stowaways on his ship
Friends N/A
Enemies Big Fish Boss, Fred (formerly), George (formerly), Sue (formerly)
Fate Alive
Quote ----
  • "That's not the point! What's wrong with you?"
  • "Infestation is what I call it."
  • "You kids must be nuts."

 Biography Edit

Galactic Superheroes Encounter Edit

Fingerhead had suspected that the Hoo Hoos had been stowing aboard his ship for several decades, but never with conclusive evidence. When he finally caught them red-handed, he started chasing them away with the sonic ray gun embedded in his ship until they fled to Hooland. The Galactic Superheroes showed up to stop Fingerhead in his tracks; when he climbed out of the ship, he was tackled by George, hypnotized by Sue, and captured by Fred, who took him to the jail cell at the front of their ship.

Old Fingerhead's Spaceship

Old Fingerhead's Spaceship.

The Galactic Superheroes tried to strike a deal with Old Fingerhead: the Hoo Hoos would warn Fingerhead before coming in, and once they did, they had to clean and take care of the ship, all if Fingerhead let them on. Fingerhead, afraid the Hoo Hoos would break their promise, broke out of the ship and escaped onto his own ship, where Hoo Hoo #4 snuck aboard. Ironically, the promise had been broken.

Old Fingerhead(1)

Old Fingerhead in 2D, as seen when encountering the Galactic Superheroes.

Starship Genius Edit

Happyman and Green Monster were assigned to travel to the planet Fisheries to recruit a fish catcher known as Young Mouthbottom. When they met him, it was revealed that Mouthbottom had two faces, and the back one was Old Fingerhead. Both personas had minds of their own, as Mouthbottom wanted to assist the Starship Genius crew but Fingerhead did not. Eventually, Mouthbottom's persona won out, and he agreed to help in any way possible.

During the Final Charge, Fingerhead and Mouthbottom brought their fishing nets along to clear the way of fish soldiers so the Starship would have room to intercept the "Final Charge", a bolt of lightning released from the Fish Legions that could destroy the Galaxy without intervention. The prevention was believed to be successful.