Background Information
Series Happyman on the Red Planet and GEORGE, Ratboy's Kingdom, Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft, Starship Genius
First Appearance Waiting For To Go - Happyman Preview
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias A Happy man
Occupation Explorer
Alignment Good
Goals To go on adventures, to defeat the Big Fish Boss, to save Bob (Red Planet)
Likes Riding his bike, friendship, playing ball, nice water, his Happy Factory
Dislikes Tyranny
Friends Ratboy Genius, Green Monster, Summer Solstice Baby, Old Froggy, Bob, Young Mouthbottom
Enemies Little King John, Big Fish Boss, Old Fingerhead
Fate TBA
Quote "It's fun to manufacture things!"
"My name is Happyman, Happyman!"

Happyman is a major supporting character in Ratboy Genius. He is one of Ratboy Genius' best friends and appeared for the first time as a titular protagonist in the series HAPPYMAN on the RED PLANET and GEORGE. He owns a Happy Factory.

Appearance Edit

Happyman is a white Human man with blue eyes, spiky green hair and a red bandana. He also wears an orange shirt and blue jeans. When in his Starship Genius outfit, his shirt is white, and when in his vacationing outfit, his shirt is blue.