Galactic Superheroes 03 is the third episode in the Galactic Superheroes series. The episode begins with Mr. Fisheater singing about fish in space, the sea, and in the air, and how he loves to stuff his face with fish and that he wants to eat them all. The surviving fish tell the Big Fish Boss that the Fisheater has eaten their friends. The Big Fish Boss is upset by this ans says that they need fish to complete his master plan. He and the Fish Legions find the Fisheater and tear him to pieces. The Galactic Superheroes arrive too late, and ask Sue if there is anything she can do. Sue uses her magical detachable head to put Mr. Fisheater back together. Mr. Fisheater asks them what happened. The Superheroes tell them that the Big Fish Boss had him torn apart and that Sue made him whole again. The episode ends with all four of them singing that noone is safe and that there is peril in the galaxy.