Friend with the Green Flippers
Friend with the Green Flippers
Background Information
Series Ratboy's Kingdom (series)
First Appearance Ratboy's Kingdom - Chapter 1
Last Appearance Starship Genius, Episode 9
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation Ratboy's Kingdom subject
Alignment Good
Goals None
Likes Swimming
Dislikes N/A
Friends Ratboy Genius
Enemies None
Fate Alive
Quote "The magic is inside of you, Ratboy Genius. Know it, believe it, and feel it."

The Friend with the Green Flippers is a friend of Ratboy Genius and is typically known to reside near Lake Genius. In episode 1 of Ratboy's Kingdom, when Ratboy went scuba diving in Lake Genius, he met the Friend with the Green Flippers. Ratboy asked if he could turn into a fish, so the friend wiggled in the water and transformed Ratboy Genius into a goldfish. Ratboy jumped out of the water, wanting to return to normal, the Friend with the Green Flippers wiggled in the air and changed him back.

In Starship Genius, Ratboy returned to his kingdom to ask his friend how he turned Ratboy into a fish. It turned out that Ratboy had the magic inside of him to transform all along, and that he had been "tricked" into using his own magic. Ratboy thanked him and left, planning to use his newfound powers to spy on the Big Fish Boss.