Background Information
Series Little King John: The Flood
First Appearance Little King John: The Flood Part 2
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias Dodger, Buck Dodger
Occupation Galactic Friend (formerly)
Alignment Unknown
Goals To help Little King John with his new kingdom, to impress the Galactic Superheroes
Likes The Galactic Superheroes, dodging the stars, being a Galactic Friend, getting compliments, being appreciated for his efforts, singing sea shanties
Dislikes Being stuck on "this watery world", Little King John's strangeness, getting seasick
Friends Little King John, Fred, Survivors, Caveman
Enemies N/A
Fate TBA
Quote "Great show, I say! Fine singing all around!"

"I was once a Galactic Friend. And now I'm called Sneezy."

Buck Dodger, codenamed Sneezy, is a major character and the deuteragonist of Little King John: The Flood.

Origins Edit

Only tiny bits of information have been given about Dodger's past. What's known is that Dodger used to be a popular Galactic Friend with his own ship. According to his solo in LITTLE KING JOHN Part 6, Dodger would dodge the stars and chase comets, perhaps indicating that he was a pilot. He also presumably lived on a dry planet, as he complains about Little King John's watery world on multiple occasions.

Dodger also used to be much cleaner looking with cyan colours and purple stripes plus a few black spots. Now his skin is a mix of green, brown, orange and black.

Dodger and Little King John became close companions when Dodger was first found as a "castaway" during The Flood. Although Buck was originally just playing along so as not to screw up Little King John's timeline, the friendship became real in the end, despite John finding out.

Trivia Edit

In the Ratboy Genius Cafepress Giftshop, Dodger appears on a tile coaster for sale under the name "Buck Dogger". Whether this was his original name or simply a typo remains uncertain.