Background Information
Series Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft, Starship Genius
First Appearance Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft Ep03
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias Commander Clyde
Occupation Starship Commander
Alignment Neutral, but favors good
Goals To defeat Big Fish Boss
Likes Playing on his keytar
Dislikes When people don't chill out
Friends Little King John, Ratboy Genius, Summer Solstice Baby, Green Monster, Happyman
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate TBA
Quote "Ha ha! Oh well! He's done it again! I like Little King, but he's kind of a dope." "Go Baby! Go Baby!"

Clyde first made his debut during Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft Episode 3. In Dreams Minecraft, he was depicted as Little King John's sidekick, though he wasn't very cooperative. He took on more of a supporting role, as he helped the protagonist (Ratboy Genius) meet his goals instead of Little King John. In Starship Genius, Clyde continues as a supporting character.