Background Information
Series Little King John: THE FLOOD
First Appearance Little King John: THE FLOOD Part 5
Last Appearance Little King John: THE FLOOD Part 12: FINALE
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation Galactic Superhero
Alignment Good/Misguided (formerly)
Goals Keep Little King John's Great Generator running (formerly)
Likes Playing catch
Dislikes Being alone
Friends Little King John, Sneezy
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate Alive
Quote ----
  • "You played the game! I knew you would!"
  • "Toothsome stones! Toothsome stones!"

Caveman was the first Galactic Superhero and the last survivor of the Great Stone Age.

Biography Edit

Caveman settled in Ratboy's Flood Sanctuary before the Great Deluge came to destroy nearly everything else. When Little King John, Sneezy, and a few picked up castaways came to the Sanctuary, Caveman spied on them, observing John and Sneezy playing catch with potato knishes. Thinking the knishes were rocks, he assumed they were playing a game of boulder throwing, and tried to join in. Using his powers to extrude rocks from the palms of his hands and glide using his cape, he tossed boulders at the two until they ran away, apparently not wanting to play.

When Little King John found a portal to the rest of the Sanctuary, he met Caveman, who finally figured out what "stone" they were tossing, and "played" a game of catch with him. Because Caveman was easily winded at high altitudes, John won the game. Clearing the misunderstanding out of the way, John befriended Caveman and Sneezy in turn.

During the Final Charge, someone needed to stay and hit the Great Generator from Little King John's Yacht so it could continuously power the teleporter that would send Little King John, Mister Bigarms, and Very Tall Friend to Ratboy's Starship. Caveman was asked by Little King John to fill this position, and he rightfully did so by throwing boulders at it.

Eventually, the three were teleported, and Little King John came back a while later saying that the Final Charge had been prevented.

Trivia Edit

In a tweet by Ratboy Genius, it was revealed that Caveman also had the ability to make his cloak entirely black as a form of camouflage.

Caveman Camo

Caveman using his camouflage abilities.