The Caterpillar Minister
Him and his hat
Background Information
Series Little King John: The Flood Part 11, Little King John: The Flood Part 12, Starship Genius Part 4, Starship Genius Part 5
First Appearance Little King John: The Flood Part 12
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation Leader of the Galactic Friends
Alignment Good
Goals Prevent the Final Charge from taking place
Friends Little King John, Buck Dodger, Galactic Friends, Galactic Superheroes, Ratboy Genius
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate Alive
Quote "Well well well, howdy-do, howdy-do! (Yes indeed!)"

"We all have things to do!"

"I brought us here... with my mind, and my imagination... It is easy to do if you know what you are."

Caterpillar Minister is an incredibly powerful creature, and one of (if not the) leaders of the Galaxy. He is called the Guardian of the Galaxy, but he doesn't directly attack any enemies, instead serving as a sort of advisor for the Galactic Superheroes, Ratboy Genius, Little King John, and the Galactic Friends.