Background Information
Series Happyman on the Red Planet and GEORGE
First Appearance Happyman on the Red Planet and GEORGE
Last Appearance 10,000 Subscriber Fan Art Gallery (Mentioned Only)
Character Information
Alias None
Occupation None
Alignment Good
Friends Happyman, Green Monster, George (formerly)
Enemies George
Fate Alive
Quote "Who knows what George will do with me? I must get free!"

Bob is the friend of Happyman and appeared in Happyman's opera where he was kidnapped by George.

Appearance Edit

Bob has an appearance similar to Happyman with bright green hair and black eyes. He wears an orange shirt, which is green on the inside and bright purple/pink shorts. Unlike Happyman, Bob has four fingers instead of three.

Role in Happyman's opera Edit

Happyman first appears in episode two of Happyman on the Red Planet where he tells Happyman and Green Monster that he's being chased by George. He drives off with Happyman and Green Monster in Happyman's car. Later in episode three he suggests for all of them to go for a swim in a lake where they later run into George and run away from him.

In episode 7 Bob is kidnapped by George and whisked away to the top of George Mountain. He manages to climb down the mountain before George gets back and finds a cave at the bottom of the mountain and goes inside to run away from George. Bob finds a small sailboat and rides it down a stream where he finds Sue. He becomes infatuated with her at first sight and they dance a ballet together. The last time Bob is seen is in episode 17 when he's sailing away from Sue down the stream.