Big Fish Boss
Big Fish Boss from the end of Starship Genius 7: Young Mouthbottom.
Background Information
Series Galactic Superheroes, Starship Genius
First Appearance Galactic Superheroes 03
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias A stinky fish
Occupation Commander of the Fish Legions
Alignment Bad
Goals To forcefully take over the galaxy
Likes Power, destroying planets
Dislikes Defeat, Losing soldiers
Friends N/A
Enemies Ratboy Genius, Summer Solstice Baby, Happyman, Green Monster, Clyde, Caterpillar Minister, Fred, George, Sue, Fisheater, Mister Bigarms, Very Tall Friend.
Fate TBA
Quote "The galaxy is for fish!" "Kill the planet!"


Big Fish Boss in his original 2D form.

Big Fish Boss is the greatest antagonistic force in the Ratboy Genius universe so far. Since introduction in Galactic Superheroes 03, his goal has always been to take over the Galaxy using violent methods such as destroying planets one by one. Big Fish Boss' second appearance was in STARSHIP GENIUS 2 - Trouble's Coming.

Origins Edit

Not much is known about Big Fish Boss' past, but according to Ratboy Genius in Starship Genius 3 - Cosmology & Current Events, there have been multiple Fish Bosses. Ages ago, another Fish Boss attacked Mars, killing all life on the planet and creating what is now known as Valles Marineris.

In Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft Edit

Big Fish Boss is implicitly the unseen Bigger Bad of the series, since his reign of terror is what caused the creation of the Minecraft dimension, which Ratboy Genius explores without yet knowing he created it.

In Galactic Superheroes Edit

Big Fish Boss serves as the main antagonist of Galactic Superheroes 03. In the third and currently final episode, a pack of fish is attacked by a singing Fisheater, and most of them are devoured. The few who manage to escape quickly tell Big Fish Boss about the attack, and he becomes furious, saying they need every fish to complete his master plan.

Shortly after, he orders his Fish Legions to brutally tear Fisheater apart, chanting during the violent process. After Fisheater has been dealt with, Big Fish Boss exclaims that the Galaxy is for fish, and then flies off.

In Starship Genius Edit

Big Fish Boss makes a surprise appearance in STARSHIP GENIUS 2 - Trouble's Coming and reclaims his position as the main antagonist of the Ratboy Genius universe.

In the episode, just after Fred tells Ratboy Genius to watch out for the Fish, Big Fish Boss emerges and orders his Fish Legions to "kill" a lonely planet (i.e. destroy it). He repeatedly screams his orders as the planet is totally annihilated, and like always, he shares his philosophy that the Galaxy is for fish before leaving.

In the third episode, The Professor explains that the Big Fish Boss is using his Legions to weave cosmic webs between the stars, charging up fatal electricity capable of destroying planets with ease. With the threat of chaos, he'll be able to control the Galaxy.

Big Fish Boss makes no appearance in STARSHIP GENIUS 4 - 7/8 Don't Be Late, but his main form of attack, the Cosmic Thunderbolt, is revealed.

While Big Fish Boss does not appear in STARSHIP GENIUS 5 - Space Opera either, Ratboy Genius gives Summer Solstice Baby an explanation as to why the Fish are blindly dooming themselves under Big Fish Boss' command. He manipulates them, and they "forget that they are noble and free".

Big Fish Boss makes a cameo appearance in STARSHIP GENIUS 7: YOUNG MOUTHBOTTOM, now in his new 3D model appearance.


Big Fish Boss violently holding his triumphant speech

Big Fish Boss makes an appearance towards the end of STARSHIP GENIUS 10 - Something Fishy at the fish rally. He exclaims how his master plan is almost ready.

Trivia Edit

  • Big Fish Boss is currently the only Ratboy Genius antagonist who has not agreed to help the protagonists under any circumstance.
  • Big Fish Boss is the only Ratboy Genius antagonist to have been the direct cause of death on-screen.